Did Someone Say ‘Blog’?

After another period of absence from the blogging world a friend’s question on Facebook has drawn me back here.

Life can be such a funny old thing sometimes and in the five months since my last post mine has had some twists and turns I wasn’t anticipating back in October. Then I was living in a two bedroom flat with Husband and working 30 hours a week. In that post I mentioned my goals for 2014, finding a job, moving to a house and trying for a family, but finding a job was the only one with a tick next to it. Now I’m sitting in the living/dining room of the three bedroom house we have rented since the beginning of November with the beginnings of a bump having conceived our first baby in the middle of November (or thereabouts), having lost my job at the beginning of last month.

I’ve tried, since becoming a Christian at the age of fifteen, to trust in God and His plan for my life. There have been a number of times in those eighteen years where that has not been easy and quite often it has seemed like an important piece of the jigsaw was missing, sometimes even more than one piece. I believe God knows where I was, where I am and where I will be and that He can see the whole picture while I only see a small part.

The next few months hold their own challenges in preparing for the new addition, emotionally and practically, and managing a household on one salary. Luxuries have been sacrificed and purse strings tightened. I have faith that God will be in control and His provision will ensure that we have all that we need. Stories of how God’s provision has kicked in for friends when they have needed it most serve to strengthen and deepen that faith. I hope that as we see what God can do in the next few months that Husband will also be able to have faith in God’s provision for us.

I will try to come back here more often and share some of the journey with you, reflections on the past, dreams for the future and stories of the here and now. For now though the supermarket beckons and cannot be ignored for much longer so I’ll have to finish up. I’ll try to be back soon.


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