Shaking Off The Cobwebs

Okay, I broke the promise and if there’s anyone still out there reading this blog I apologise for being so rubbish at this. All aspects of my writing have fallen by the wayside over the past year or so. There’s such a lot I could tell you about and places I want to take my readers through this blog.

The past sixteen months have been mostly plodding through life, adjusting to being Mrs Foster and reviving the part of me that loves to knit and make things. I’m also quite good at procrastination and have quite an addiction to social media, mostly on Facebook and Twitter but I also have a Pinterest account.

At the start of 2014 I set out to achieve three goals – to find a job, to find a house and to start trying for a family. I am now employed as a support worker and hopefully Husband and I have found a house to rent from next month. With regard to the third goal you’ll have to watch this space.

I didn’t know ten months ago that in 2014 my life was going to be affected by a huge loss once again. Last month my father died and it is still too difficult to put into words here how that makes me feel.

My husband has recently started blogging and that is what really brought me back to bluebellpansy and my writing. Hopefully now I have written this short post the cobwebs have been cleared and this blog can be revived.

I will blog again soon, maybe I’m even adding to my drafts and scheduled posts as you read.

Come back soon, Bluebell.


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