Make It Sew (or should that be knit?)

Twenty posts in now and you’re hopefully starting to get a feel for who I am and what makes me tick. Hopefully for those of you who thought you knew me there hasn’t been anything that was a major surprise. I had expected that I would write more regular posts but sometimes when you have a choice between sitting in the spare room writing and being in the living room with your fiancé watching Star Trek: Deep Space 9 you have to choose your fiancé and the sci-fi that somehow manages to sneak up and get under your skin.
I wasn’t into sci-fi really before I met Fiancé, I had caught the odd episode of various Star Trek series, sometimes watched sci-fi films and could name a few of the crew of the original Enterprise (Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Sulu and Chekov). I guess I was one of those people who had decided that they could take or leave it. It didn’t inspire anything in me and I didn’t feel I had any connection to it. I preferred real life stories, films about things that actually happened or were at least based in historical fact. I think that I found it difficult to connect with sci-fi because it meant buying in to someone else’s imagined world and I was quite happy to explore my own imagination.

When Fiancé and I started dating I soon found out how into Star Trek he is and I was fairly resigned to the fact that it was something I would tolerate like I ask him to tolerate my interest in sport (which I now realise is nowhere near equal). Fiancé would show me his Trek DVDs and at the beginning I was just enjoying the fact that we were together sharing that time and that experience. Sharing quality time is one of my big things, if you know about the 5 Love Languages mine is definitely quality time. So for a little while the DVDs were an added feature of our spending quality time together but after a few I started to get to know some of the characters and to identify with certain character traits and yes, if I’m honest, I developed a little, tiny crush on Captain James T Kirk.

We continued watching episodes Fiancé thought would be good ones to share with me for a little while. I don’t quite remember when we decided to start going through whole series from beginning to end, maybe it was Firefly and if not Firefly then it was when Fiancé introduced me to Babylon 5. We have watched all of Firefly (not difficult to do) and the first 4 seasons of Babylon (after which I am reliably informed it is rubbish). We’re up to Season 5 of DS9 and I have been watching Enterprise on my own and am 4 episodes into the second season. I have to remember to check the clock before I press the play button for the next episode of DS9 because I’d end up watching all night. I enjoy watching it now and identify with most of the characters at different points.

A week tomorrow I will be going to London with Fiancé for a Star Trek convention where all 5 captains will be appearing. I’ll be having my photo taken with Scott Bakula, who plays Captain Jonathan Archer on Enterprise. He was also Dr Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap. It should be a lot of fun, and I’m really looking forward to spending the weekend away in London with Fiancé. I don’t know if we’ll have time for seeing the sights or for shopping but I’m finding that doesn’t matter too much, the ‘sights’ I’m most excited about seeing are the stars of DS9 and Enterprise whose characters I feel like I know.

In preparation for our Trek weekend I have been making myself a jumper. Fiancé bought me a knitting pattern booklet on eBay. It has patterns for 5 Star Trek jumpers and I’m knitting the one with Enterprise on the front.

It’s not too far off finished but I ought to get back to it. I’m looking forward to wearing it in London.


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