I Am Still Here :)


Just wanted to quickly throw out a line and let any of you wonderful people who follow my blog know that I have in fact not disappeared off the face of the Earth.

I haven’t been sitting here deliberately letting you hang waiting to see what I write next. It’s not like I’d just forget that there are people who do read what I write here. I’m searching for an excuse but there are very few that I feel would suffice and I did say I would be honest.

In the midst of doing ‘end of year’ stuff on my Parish Assistant (intern) year at church, packing up my things to move back in with my parents and looking forward to the summer conference where I will be running around with a bunch of 6 year olds all week the blog seems to have been pushed to one side. I haven’t been not writing at all, in fact I realised I had made a mistake with some timings in my story and have gone back to the root of that to rewrite and rectify the mistake. The rewrite is over a fair chunk of stuff that I had written and was satisfied with so I’m kicking myself for the slip up. I have also been reading, eating up Cecilia Ahern’s Book of Tomorrow and Thanks for the Memories. I’ll have to choose a new book to take to the conference for my down time.

So, on Friday I go to my housemate’s wedding ceremony, perhaps get a bite of cake at the church and then dash off to get across town, pick up my bags and get on the train for the one hour train journey that takes me to the station where I get a taxi to the show ground where the conference is held. In my bag along with the clothes, toiletries, towels and teddy bear will be my paper and pens, partly to take notes alongside my Bible, partly for the purposes of writing my story and recording new experiences from the conference.

This means that it will be at least ten days before I write another blog post, assuming I don’t get too absorbed in story rewriting, new story ideas and reading my way through other books.

I have to head out now because, as if everything else wasn’t enough I have a mock interview scheduled to try to help me get that elusive job.

I am still here, still writing and there will be another blog post soon.


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