Did Someone Say ‘Blog’?

After another period of absence from the blogging world a friend’s question on Facebook has drawn me back here.

Life can be such a funny old thing sometimes and in the five months since my last post mine has had some twists and turns I wasn’t anticipating back in October. Then I was living in a two bedroom flat with Husband and working 30 hours a week. In that post I mentioned my goals for 2014, finding a job, moving to a house and trying for a family, but finding a job was the only one with a tick next to it. Now I’m sitting in the living/dining room of the three bedroom house we have rented since the beginning of November with the beginnings of a bump having conceived our first baby in the middle of November (or thereabouts), having lost my job at the beginning of last month.

I’ve tried, since becoming a Christian at the age of fifteen, to trust in God and His plan for my life. There have been a number of times in those eighteen years where that has not been easy and quite often it has seemed like an important piece of the jigsaw was missing, sometimes even more than one piece. I believe God knows where I was, where I am and where I will be and that He can see the whole picture while I only see a small part.

The next few months hold their own challenges in preparing for the new addition, emotionally and practically, and managing a household on one salary. Luxuries have been sacrificed and purse strings tightened. I have faith that God will be in control and His provision will ensure that we have all that we need. Stories of how God’s provision has kicked in for friends when they have needed it most serve to strengthen and deepen that faith. I hope that as we see what God can do in the next few months that Husband will also be able to have faith in God’s provision for us.

I will try to come back here more often and share some of the journey with you, reflections on the past, dreams for the future and stories of the here and now. For now though the supermarket beckons and cannot be ignored for much longer so I’ll have to finish up. I’ll try to be back soon.

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Shaking Off The Cobwebs

Okay, I broke the promise and if there’s anyone still out there reading this blog I apologise for being so rubbish at this. All aspects of my writing have fallen by the wayside over the past year or so. There’s such a lot I could tell you about and places I want to take my readers through this blog.

The past sixteen months have been mostly plodding through life, adjusting to being Mrs Foster and reviving the part of me that loves to knit and make things. I’m also quite good at procrastination and have quite an addiction to social media, mostly on Facebook and Twitter but I also have a Pinterest account.

At the start of 2014 I set out to achieve three goals – to find a job, to find a house and to start trying for a family. I am now employed as a support worker and hopefully Husband and I have found a house to rent from next month. With regard to the third goal you’ll have to watch this space.

I didn’t know ten months ago that in 2014 my life was going to be affected by a huge loss once again. Last month my father died and it is still too difficult to put into words here how that makes me feel.

My husband has recently started blogging and that is what really brought me back to bluebellpansy and my writing. Hopefully now I have written this short post the cobwebs have been cleared and this blog can be revived.

I will blog again soon, maybe I’m even adding to my drafts and scheduled posts as you read.

Come back soon, Bluebell.

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A Brief Post- Where Have I Been and Am I Coming Back?

So, the blog has been pretty much silent since February although not forgotten. There are a couple of posts in my drafts that may be posted in the next couple of weeks when they’ve been amended and completed. I have thought about the blog and been keeping up with the posts in my reader on a regular basis. I just haven’t taken the time to sit down and write anything new to the point where I thought I could hit the publish button.

To answer the question of where I’ve been I shouldn’t need to go into too much detail – I’ve been caught up in the whirlwind of getting married and settling into this new way of life. Our wedding was on the first Saturday in April and Fiance must now become Husband. I’ve had a little over 10 weeks to adjust to the new surname and the new home although a lot of what we do now we did before and some days I have to remind myself that it actually did happen.

laura and simons wedding part 1 355

We had a brilliant day and a gorgeous honeymoon, six days in a cottage in Scotland. We had the best start possible to our married life and for that I am very thankful. Lots of friends and family made a huge difference to our day. I couldn’t imagine doing it all again with a massive budget and spending ridiculous amounts on things, our wedding on a shoestring was perfect for us.

I’ve spent some time thinking about the future, perhaps wallowing a bit in some of the negative stuff that comes from not having a job. I could have been getting out and doing more but I wasn’t in the mood. As wonderful as the wedding and our life together is the financial constraints and other boundaries that form when you’ve been unemployed for any amount of time are still there and as we plan for out future life together I’d like to be able to say I felt I was really contributing and not just trying to keep our home reasonably tidy and providing baked goods to satisfy sweet teeth.

I’m sure that there’s a job out there and God’s got it all in hand so I’ll keep my eyes and ears peeled and be on the look out for it. I think I’m at a place now where I will look at my options for volunteering at church or in the charity shops etc in our town and maybe that will help to open the door God’s got waiting for me.

In the meantime I’ve got time on my hands and a blog to get back to. I have a few retrospective pieces waiting to be written and I’m sure life will start being a little more bloggable again soon. Keep your eyes open for the next blog post, I promise you won’t have to wait so long again.

laura and simons wedding part 1 379

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To Boldly Go

So, back in October, seemingly so long ago now, Fiance took me to my first ever Star Trek convention, Destination Star Trek London. Some of you will remember my previous post,Make It Sew (or should that be knit?), written in the run up to the convention when I was trying to knit myself a jumper with the Enterprise on the front. This is available to read here: http://wp.me/s2oAJc-290

The night before we went to London Fiance surprised me with an early birthday present, a red uniform t-shirt dress. This gift, which was two months early, cancelled out the necessity of finishing the jumper that weekend.
The following morning we were up fairly early checking our bags and making our way to the train station. I still managed to forget to take the charger for my mobile phone, but decided it didn’t matter because family had Fiance’s number if there was an emergency. We traveled to Kings Cross on the train then had to get the Underground to Bank then switch onto the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) for the remainder of the journey to the Premier Inn at Beckton, only a couple of stops on the DLR from Excel, the huge exhibition centre where the convention was being held. We went and checked in, left our bags in our room and headed back onto the DLR to go back to Excel. When we got there we had to work out which of the many halls we needed for Destination Star Trek London. There were people wearing a variety of different firefighters uniforms from around the world, there for a competition to exhibit their life saving skills and we tried not to get too caught up in them but to follow the Starfleet uniforms we saw instead. Excel was so big and down the middle of the halls ran a huge foodcourt with dinner options from all over the world. We found out where we needed to go to get our goody bags and presigned photos but the queue was really long so we decided to grab dinner before joining it. We headed for the pie stand and got steak pies but didn’t notice the cutlery on the side by the bin so attempted with some level of success to eat the pies with our fingers. After we ate we joined the queue for our goody bags. We each got a presigned photo too. Fiance got Ethan Phillips, Neelix on Voyager and I got Vaughn Armstrong who played Admiral Forrest on Enterprise among many other roles. After queuing there we went to join the queue to go in. It felt like we had waited for ages when the door was opened. Going in and seeing everything, the merchandise stands, the themed coffee areas (Klingon and Federation) and the booths for photos and autographs I was in awe, and also trying not to lose Fiance in the crowd, there was a bridge set you could buy a ticket to have your photo taken on and there was the museum with props and costumes from the films and different series. It was all so enchanting and unlike anything I had seen. People in a variety of costumes were everywhere and trying to identify them became a game. We went to the ‘Federation’ coffee bar and ended up with a coffee and a Romulan ale which I believe was a mix of spirits and soda water with blue colouring (in the Klingon coffee bar they had the same thing but red and sold as blood wine).

When the time came we joined the long queue to get into the next door down which led to the part that was sectioned off to be like a theatre where the five captains would be presented and the convention would be officially underway. We soon got in and found our seats. I think it was a guy from CBS playing MC and he introduced the guy who would present the section with the five captains. It was a captain of a different sort, the actor John Barrowman who played Captain Jack Harkness on Dr Who and Torchwood. It was great to see William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks and Scott Bakula up on the stage. There was a bit of a Q and A and the banter and witty answers made the audience laugh. It was interesting to see the relationship between them, especially Shatner and Stewart who had filmed together. After that we headed back to the hotel on the DLR.

mulgrew stewart

On the Saturday morning I knew I was going to have my photo taken with Scott Bakula, who played Captain Jonathan Archer on the most recent series, Enterprise. He also played Sam Beckett on old family favourite, Quantum Leap so I was looking forward to the photo. Fiance and I both put on our uniforms before we went down for breakfast. Fiance wore his fleece over his uniform but I was proud of mine and didn’t cover it. That was a slight mistake as having got beans with my cooked breakfast and then a big mug of coffee I tried to sit up to the table so I wouldn’t spill beans down the uniform, caught the central table leg and sent the coffee flying down myself, all over the uniform. It burnt slightly but I was more concerned that I had coffee all down the uniform. I managed to get another coffee and eat my breakfast before going to try to dry the uniform off in our room. There were works on the DLR so there was a bus replacement service. We worked out where to catch it and headed back to Excel to start the second day.

The atmosphere was buzzing again as people milled around looking at the stands and the museum or joined the queues for drinks, autographs or photos. Fiance bought himself a ticket for a bridge photo and I already had the ticket for my photo with Scott. There were some talks from the central area from people like the producers and the guy who did the original models of the Enterprise as well as the costume parade/contest. Some of the actors were doing Q and A sessions in a separate area and the captains had their Q and A sessions in the theatre space we had been in on Friday evening. We hadn’t picked up the free tickets for the actors Q and A sessions on Saturday and the captains Q and A sessions would have cost money. We listened to Ronald D Moore and Ira Behr and the model guy. We also went to some of the Trekmate hosted discussions about the best episodes in each series (Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager and Enterprise). It was interesting for me as at that point the only series I had watched the whole way through was Deep Space 9.

We had a free ‘in person’ autograph from Marianna Hill included in our ticket price. Marianna played Dr Helen Noel in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode ‘Dagger of the Mind’ and has appeared in a wide variety of other roles outside the Star Trek franchise. She was running late to the convention though and we seemed to spend a lot of time waiting for her. It did give us time to purchase photographs for her to sign and also to decide on one other autograph each that we would pay for. Fiance chose Walter Koenig who played Pavel Chekov in The Original Series and the films featuring The Original Series cast. I chose Connor Trinneer who plays Commander Charles ‘Trip’ Tucker III on Enterprise.

The crowd gathered at the entrance to the queue for photos with Scott Bakula was large and the event stewards were trying to control it, somewhat successfully, with a system using the numbers on our photo tickets. By the time I had pushed through enough of the crowd to hear what was happening my number had passed so I pushed further to the front and showed the steward my ticket. He waved me through to join the line. There were some Oriental Trekkies in front of me in the line getting excited and giggly then a guy in the Enterprise uniform with a stuffed toy dog to represent Porthos, Captain Archer’s dog. The queue was not moving that quickly and by the time I had snaked my way along it to the table where we were asked to leave bags I was getting quite excited. I left my bag safe with the event staff who were manning the bag/photo pick up area and waited for my turn. I was called in to the photo area and was a little disappointed that Scott Bakula was in everyday dress, I think it would have been good if he had been in uniform. He asked how I was doing and I said pretty good then he put his arm around my shoulders, the photographer took the photo twice and then my turn was over. I waited a few minutes for my photo, collected my things and headed back to find Fiance.

On Saturday afternoon we participated in breaking a world record for the most people in Star Trek costume in one place. We queued for ages and had to fill in forms so they could register it officially. It was so much fun though seeing everyone in the outfits, some in Starfleet uniforms, standard and dress spanning the franchise from The Original Series to the first JJ Abrams film, and others as members of the other races featured in the franchise. One person even turned up as Balok’s puppet from The Original Series episode ‘The Corbomite Maneuver’ which was impressive. When the doors opened we all filed in and were counted, then we waited as they tried to get every single person in the building that was in costume to come down to the theatre space. They started to tell us how close we were at the point where we needed about twenty to break the record and the anticipation was almost as exciting as the moment they stopped counting down and told us we had broken the record. We broke it by 23 people in the end.world record

After the record-breaking we had dinner at the food court and then waited for the ‘The Next Generation 25th Birthday Party’ to start. Once the doors opened it took a while for the party to get going but eventually the music and the atmosphere made it seem more fun. There were dodgems but the queue was always so long that we never got to go on them but the DJ and the music were good, especially when he played Star Trekkin’ (Across The Universe) and everyone tried to join in. The best part of the evening was when some of the stars of the shows proved that acting is not their only talent. Avery Brooks (Captain Benjamin Sisko – DS9) and Chase Masterson (Leeta – DS9) sang some jazz songs, Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather – ENT) performed some hip hop/rap and then Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed – ENT) came on to do some comedy which wasn’t that funny so that’s when we left.

As we headed back to the stop for the replacement bus service I suggested that Fiance and I could wear our Star Trek uniforms for the evening celebration part of our wedding day. I could imagine myself dancing away in my red uniform t-shirt dress.

On Sunday we made sure we got there on time to pick up as many tickets to the free Q and A sessions as we wanted. It was great and we spent the morning in three sessions, Brent Spiner (Data), John De Lancie (Q) and Walter Koenig (Chekov). Spiner and De Lancie were funny, showing their comedic sides and Walter Koenig was a little more nostalgic although with a few humorous points. It was interesting hearing some of the stories.

The next session was probably the funniest. It was with Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat – DS9), Jeffrey Combs (Brunt and Wayoun – DS9 Shran – ENT) and Casey Biggs (Damar – DS9). They were so funny playing off each other and messing around, I’m not sure how many questions were answered but it was an entertaining session.

We got lunch in the food court and had another wander round the museum section before we headed back.

Our next session was with four of the actresses, Arlene Martel (T’Pring – TOS), Robin Curtis (Saavik – Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home), Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar – TNG) and Martha Hackett (Seska – VOY). It was especially interesting to me to hear the debate one question started over the presence of strong female roles in Sci-Fi. The conclusion seemed to be that there are strong female roles in Sci-Fi and especially in the Star Trek franchise but it would be good to see more.

The next session was my favourite as it was with five of the Deep Space 9 cast members, Rene Auberjonois (Odo), Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys), Chase Masterson (Leeta), Andrew Robinson (Garak) and last but by no means least Cirroc Lofton (Jake Sisko).  As these were the characters I knew best I loved hearing the stories of what happened on set and whether they got to have a say in the plot lines for their character. Some of the stories were of personal memories and they touched a little on their personal lives now. It was a bit odd to see Cirroc all grown up and hear him talking about his family as I had kind of fallen for his character Jake Sisko.

Next up was Michael Dorn who played Worf on The Next Generation and Deep Space 9 and in four of the films. His stories were also interesting and it was good to see the man beneath the make up and his character is a Klingon and has the characteristic head ridges.

The last talk was the Enterprise guys, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating (who on the ticket was billed as Michael) and Anthony Montgomery. They were nearly as funny as Alaimo, Combs and Biggs had been but a little more on the ‘naughty’ side. This was the session that had the most ‘spoilers’ for me having not watched the entire Enterprise series at that point. It came as somewhat of a shock to hear that ‘Trip’ was going to die.

enterprise qanda

After the Enterprise Q and A there were no more and nothing else especially exciting to do. With one last stroll through the museum we said good by to Destination Star Trek London and headed back to our hotel. We had dinner at the hotel that evening and watched some TV and the following morning jumped back on the DLR and headed home.

It was a fab weekend and we had a lot of fun together. I would definitely go to another convention if the opportunity presented itself. For now I’m going to enjoy discovering more about the world of Star Trek with Fiance 🙂

P.S This post was started back in March and took a fair amount of stepping away and coming back, so much so that Fiance is now Husband and I have watched the rest of Enterprise and also just finished The Next Generation 🙂

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15/03/2013 · 11:52 pm

Standing on a Road I Didn’t Plan.

I can look at my life right now and quite confidently say had you asked me 5 or 10 years ago what my life would be like on February 8th 2013 I wouldn’t have described anything like the reality. I used to be a real dreamer before life got its teeth in. I would probably have told you that I saw myself married with a baby, probably a boy called Martin, and quite possibly still on maternity leave from a full time job that had provided handsomely for us to save  little nest egg toward the overall cost of raising Martin and any siblings who may come along. I would have probably told you I couldn’t see myself living anywhere that wasn’t a quiet village within the catchment area of a good Christian school.

Life has an uncanny ability to take your dreams and plans and twist them or tear them up and destroy them. Sometimes along the way it has felt like even the dreaming was foolish and I was deluding myself. There have been times when I thought I would end up on my own for the rest of my life, although I didn’t ever believe that was God’s plan. Many times I got impatient and prayed angry, impatient prayers demanding to know why I was stuck in a rut. I remember one particular evening where it really felt like God was holding out on me.

My previous church had traveled from York to the Lake District for the first of two away weekends, the B-on-Fire Weekend (the second was at a similar time the following year). We all arrived across Friday evening, having dinner when we arrived and sorting out who was in which dorm. We enjoyed a time of fellowship that evening and it was great to be together as a church family. We shared time on the Saturday too and some of us went out and walked up some of the big hills and mountains. I went up one of the big hills, Cat Bells, with my sister and two best friends (who I really miss right now). We had a great sense of achievement and another member of our church group took a photo of us at the top. After the exertions of the day and all the time spent together I decided to find a quiet place and have a few minutes to myself. I remember I sat in a stairwell and thought back over the day and reflected on what I was going home to the following day. Home was okay but it felt lonely at times and the monotony of stacking shelves five days a week had worn me down. I wanted a better job, a partner who would love me and a hope at least of having a family. I sat on the stairs telling God that if I was going back to life exactly as I had left it I would rather not go back, but that wasn’t an option. When JLW found me I must have been there 15-30 minutes and I had tears running down my face. She tried to get me to talk but I was so upset I couldn’t at first. It took at least 5 more minutes and LCT joining us before I managed to sob out that I didn’t want to go back to my life the way it was. They prayed and LCT said that all the pieces would fall into place.

The following year when we were there again I had changed my job and moved to lodge with IndysGrandma but I still slipped quietly to that stairwell again because my job wasn’t secure, lodging didn’t feel like a home and I was still single. I went and prayed and cried all on my own that time because JLW and LCT had some fairly big issues of their own that, unbeknownst to me, were kicking off while I was in the stairwell. The pieces weren’t in place for me or for my friends right then.

Over the years I’ve watched my friends as the pieces have fallen into place for them but not for me. I have tried so hard not to covet their partners, children or lives as I see them. I’m sure that JLW’s life isn’t always as great as it seems to be and that everyone has their struggles at times. I just look at where my life has gone in the 5 and a half years since the tears in the stairwell that first year and see a mess. I’d love to be married right now to an amazing man and be expecting my second child, a sibling for my 2 year old, in about 5 weeks.

I’m unemployed, not working even part-time and that makes me very frustrated and often quite down. Life at home has been difficult because both of my parents have been out of work for health reasons so we’ve had financial struggles. Church can be difficult, walking into what feels at times to be a very middle class environment where I don’t always feel at home.

There is however one gem, one shining light even when I’m down and church feels like walking into a room full of strangers; my fiance. We’re often at church together and sometimes having him there makes the difference between whether I stay or walk straight out. He makes me laugh at the most ridiculous things even when I’m down and his arms are there if it’s really bad.

In eight weeks I will marry my own amazing man. We can look forward together to spending some time building our relationship stronger because although after 2 years it seems quite strong we recognise we still have some building to do together. In about a year we’ll start to think about adding a little one or two, although we’re not planning on calling a son Martin. We’re starting to make my dream a reality. Still there’s a piece missing, I’m still trying to find the right path to the right door that leads to the job God has in his plan for me. I try to believe it’s there somewhere and it will happen one day when I’m not expecting it, but for now it’s hard sometimes to keep the faith and knock at the doors.

Where will I be in 5 years? I don’t know. I think I’ll be happily married, hopefully with at least one child. I hope I’ll have a job, even just a part-time one. I might be playing with my creative skills and selling things I knit or decorating cakes or something. I might even find someone who’ll pay me for my writing. Only God knows and He isn’t sharing that information with me. I’ll try to live each day as it comes and not worry about tomorrow.

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Happy 2013

So, it’s been a while since my last post. A few things have happened, one or two I’ll touch on here, others deserve more time and their own blog posts.
The jumper with the Enterprise remains unfinished, but I don’t feel bad about that. The sense of urgency to finish it quickly left when Fiance gave me an early birthday present. I’ll blog separately about the present and the convention.
For the past couple of months my hands and knitting needles have been kept busy knitting dolls to raise money for Kidz Klub York and I still have two or three left to complete. Again I think there’s a separate post to be written about this.
I’m sitting here now, playing with writing a post on my new smart phone, my legs draped over Fiance’s lap, The Rock (as in the Nicholas Cage/Sean Connery film) providing a backing track. It’s nice to be in my fiance’s flat on New Years Day, just chilling out before he goes back to work. In 95 days we’ll be in a bar in town celebrating our nuptials with friends and family. We’ve got a lot to do before then. There are people making suggestions and trying to help, for which I am grateful as so much of this wedding wouldn’t be possible without the help of others. I hope we can remember that the day we get married is our day and our friends and family can help it to be the day we want. I’m still confident that the wedding day I’m imagining can and will be the one we have.
So, that’s the biggest thing I’m looking forward to and planning for in 2013.
I’ve noticed people are reviewing the last year in a lot of blogs etc. I can’t remember enough to say a lot but there were some highlights I can share:
Finishing up my time as a Parish Assistant/Intern at my church- I had a great 11 months on the core children’s work team, rather than as a somewhat peripheral volunteer. It was good to see the inner workings of the children’s ministry. I learnt some things from my year, about children’s ministry, church and myself that I’ll carry forward and hopefully use in the future. It was good to be on the team but taking a back seat, a step away from Sunday children’s work has allowed me to learn some things too.
Being on a different team at New Wine 2012- this challenged my view on change and pushed me out of my ‘comfort zone’. I thought the age of the children I worked with in those cowsheds year after year was part of what drew me back. For six years I had worked with 10 year olds who would have sensible conversations about what they were learning, I thought that was important. I discovered that a bit of fun and real nonsense can teach 6 year olds the same things. Some of the ‘little ones’ in my group seemed to understand every bit as much as the children 4 years their senior did. I believe we made a difference in those lives and that the ones who asked Jesus to be their friend will follow him for the foreseeable future, as the 10 year olds do.
First real holiday with Fiance- our trip to Wales was so much fun, even if we were almost blown away in the night. Camping together, being on our own for those few days without any agenda or real plans was fun and spontaneous. We might plan better next time and invest some money in a tent better made to withstand British weather but I wouldn’t wish away the evening with the dolphins and the rainbow at sunset for a dozen windproof tents. I’ll remember that for a long time.
Destination Star Trek London- there’s so much I could say about that weekend and will in a future post but it really was the most amazing weekend of 2012.
Christmas- this year we hosted my family for Christmas at Fiance’s flat. As Christmas is just 2 days after my birthday the whole weekend blurs into one. Lunch with JK, the pantomime, church, lunch with Fiance, Brother, Sister, Mum and another friend, midnight mass in a cathedral (not to be repeated) and then Christmas Day waking up to share my morning with Fiance, Fiance picking up my family, Dad being discharged from hospital before dinner, gifts, laughs and LOTR Monopoly.

2012 was a pretty great year but what with my wedding, friends having babies (including a set of twins) and a new Star Trek film I think 2013 looks like being pretty awesome. Hopefully finding a job I love will be the icing on the cake.

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Make It Sew (or should that be knit?)

Twenty posts in now and you’re hopefully starting to get a feel for who I am and what makes me tick. Hopefully for those of you who thought you knew me there hasn’t been anything that was a major surprise. I had expected that I would write more regular posts but sometimes when you have a choice between sitting in the spare room writing and being in the living room with your fiancĂ© watching Star Trek: Deep Space 9 you have to choose your fiancĂ© and the sci-fi that somehow manages to sneak up and get under your skin.
I wasn’t into sci-fi really before I met FiancĂ©, I had caught the odd episode of various Star Trek series, sometimes watched sci-fi films and could name a few of the crew of the original Enterprise (Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Sulu and Chekov). I guess I was one of those people who had decided that they could take or leave it. It didn’t inspire anything in me and I didn’t feel I had any connection to it. I preferred real life stories, films about things that actually happened or were at least based in historical fact. I think that I found it difficult to connect with sci-fi because it meant buying in to someone else’s imagined world and I was quite happy to explore my own imagination.

When FiancĂ© and I started dating I soon found out how into Star Trek he is and I was fairly resigned to the fact that it was something I would tolerate like I ask him to tolerate my interest in sport (which I now realise is nowhere near equal). FiancĂ© would show me his Trek DVDs and at the beginning I was just enjoying the fact that we were together sharing that time and that experience. Sharing quality time is one of my big things, if you know about the 5 Love Languages mine is definitely quality time. So for a little while the DVDs were an added feature of our spending quality time together but after a few I started to get to know some of the characters and to identify with certain character traits and yes, if I’m honest, I developed a little, tiny crush on Captain James T Kirk.

We continued watching episodes FiancĂ© thought would be good ones to share with me for a little while. I don’t quite remember when we decided to start going through whole series from beginning to end, maybe it was Firefly and if not Firefly then it was when FiancĂ© introduced me to Babylon 5. We have watched all of Firefly (not difficult to do) and the first 4 seasons of Babylon (after which I am reliably informed it is rubbish). We’re up to Season 5 of DS9 and I have been watching Enterprise on my own and am 4 episodes into the second season. I have to remember to check the clock before I press the play button for the next episode of DS9 because I’d end up watching all night. I enjoy watching it now and identify with most of the characters at different points.

A week tomorrow I will be going to London with FiancĂ© for a Star Trek convention where all 5 captains will be appearing. I’ll be having my photo taken with Scott Bakula, who plays Captain Jonathan Archer on Enterprise. He was also Dr Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap. It should be a lot of fun, and I’m really looking forward to spending the weekend away in London with FiancĂ©. I don’t know if we’ll have time for seeing the sights or for shopping but I’m finding that doesn’t matter too much, the ‘sights’ I’m most excited about seeing are the stars of DS9 and Enterprise whose characters I feel like I know.

In preparation for our Trek weekend I have been making myself a jumper. FiancĂ© bought me a knitting pattern booklet on eBay. It has patterns for 5 Star Trek jumpers and I’m knitting the one with Enterprise on the front.

It’s not too far off finished but I ought to get back to it. I’m looking forward to wearing it in London.

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